How many white widow plants in a 2x2 tent

Can i grow 4 white widow in a 2x2 tent?

1 plant can fill a 2x2 tent


I’d say no, but people can really defy things and you’d be surprised by cramped grows here. You could probably fit a good sized 2 autos due to the pot size, maybe 3?

I’m growing 2 disco biskits on my 2x2, and it is packed. I would say stick to 1, as 2 makes it really hard to move them or do anything in there.


I originally started 3 photos in a 2x2.
After 30 days everything grew together and filled the tent.
Lesson learned. Bought a 3x3 and use the 2x2 for starting plants now.


My last grow was a GG4 AUTO IN A “2x4 tent”. It took up the entire tent (with LST and SCROG).

I can’t imagine more than one plant in a 2x2 unless you are trying to grow small plants. (I hope this doesn’t come off cocky or insulting).

I’m currently growing two Acapulco Gold plants and trying to control the spread. Also growing an AC in a bonsai pot under a seperate light on my work bench.


One, I have 2 autos in a 4x2 and it’s getting tight

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Definitely no more than two

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