How many seeds should I germinate

I want 3 different strains in my next grow. Several won’t pop and I like to have several to choose from at transplant time. I’m thinking maybe starting 5 seeds of each. What do you think?


I, personally, grow what I need. I do two or four different strains each grow in my 4x4s.

Usually my germination rate is 100%, so I take a chance some don’t pop. That way, unless I scrog, if I have to pop another seed or two that space in growth, may either catch up, or gives me the extra time I need at harvest and trimming time.

If I could I’d only grow 1 strain as growing from seed will give different phenotypes… This way I could take clones of the best of four. Whereas, with two or four different strains I have less chance of getting a killer phenotype to clone from.


That’s your call; I normally have 100% germination and have had runty seedlings outperform all the others.


Thanks, that really helps. I’ve never tried cloning. I plan to try soon. It doesn’t sound too difficult. I already have some cloning gel. Would I need two tents?


@Dj351 I think you’d need a veg tent… Or at least a clone area and light.
Definitely something you wouldn’t do at flower tent light times or spectrum.

There’s plenty on here for cloning if and when you need it.

Good luck!


Thanks, I don’t have room for another tent currently. I’ll stick with seeds for now.

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Any tent 4x4 or smaller…. I would germinate one of each and grow just 3 plants.


If you plant one seed it wont grow, if you plant 12 they’ll all pop…just the way it goes lol.

Seriously though, i would just do 1 of each and if one doesnt pop then just retry that one. Don’t want to get too overwhelmed.


I’m on my first grow. I germinated 6 hoping 3 would make it. All 6 made it and I couldn’t let any of them die so I ended up with 3 plants that don’t fit in my tent and are a constant hassle to take care of. And having plants out of the grow tent defeats the point of getting the grow tent. So I would only germinate what you need, if one doesn’t make it, just germinate one more.

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Hey @Dj351 , I’m late to the party here, but I gotta ask, What did you decide? I think I know what you were thinkin, I speak hillbilly. :+1:
Born and raised across the ridge from ya. If I can get through my first grow ( 2 White Widows in 4x2) I wanna get some different strains so I can grow two at once. That way i’ll a choice depending on my mood, time of day and if I have a buddy that wants something different. Don’t think anybody asked what size tent you have either.

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