How many pounds would 12 white widows produce?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

“If grown properly indoors, how many pounds would 12 white widows produce in 3 gallon buckets in 12 weeks (with six weeks in bloom, topping them of course)?”

Mainline 2.5lb
Lst 1.9lb
Scrog 3.5lb
Sog .7lb
Nothing .9lb

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There is no real way to know for sure. Trainin the plants can increase yeild, but there are so many factors that go into final weight.


with 6 weeks bloom?? doesn’t matter what weight they give back at 6weeks flower there will next to no THC at that point all crystals will still be clear maybe just starting to turn milky and that’s unlikely least in my opinion

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You honestly can’t say that all you’ll need is 12 weeks. This is mother nature and no mater what you do you can’t make the plant finish any faster than when she wants to. She’ll be ready to harvest when she’s ready


Actually there are tricks to speed them up but they all cost you yield because a healthy plant with and extra 2 weeks in veg can add ounces but in a pinch to rush flower lighting is everything adding 15 min extra dark time a week through flower will shave a week or more off ripening time. Not that I would do this by choice just if I absolutely needed them done early and didn’t mind lost yield.