How many grams of Oil can be extracted?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

I need one advise from you.
1 Per Plant, Age 45-50 days. Healthy grow.
How many grams of Oil can be extracted, using 
Rosin Machine Press.
Solvet, using Acetone, or any.................
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60 grams per lb

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I use a rosin press my self and using dry kief
I can get 80% return
That being said it actually hard to tell you an exact answer there are to many variables
What type of equipment do you have ??
What strain are you using to start the process with ??
I’m my case I can get more kief when I process using dry ice Than with just processing frozen bud or trim
Nice thing about rosin making is you can process most of the plant stems and fan leave are discarded everything else is in play to extract your rosin
I know I didn’t answer the question but hope this helps
I recommend a decent rosin press
You have many things to consider
The Bho method is a dangerous method in you don’t know what your doing you can hurt yourself and other as damage property and I for one don’t recommend using this as a extraction method

I thought they meant decarbed oil