How many carbon air filters

How.many for 1 plant. I have one 4 inch carbon filter.:fearful::weary::cold_sweat::worried::scream::astonished::flushed::dizzy_face::no_mouth::mask::disappointed::unamused::heart_eyes::stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::yum::kissing::kissing_smiling_eyes::kissing_heart::kissing_closed_eyes:

i have one its new. im in flower and its not enough. granted i have sone air leaks i need to attend to. so i have my fan exhaust taped directly to intake of my dehumidifier and that removes the remaining smell

The filters & fans are rated by cfm, or how many cubic feet of air they pull per minute. To find the cubic feet of your grow room, measure width x length x height.

You want to choose a fan that handles that cfm, though it’s best to go slightly higher. You want to purchase a filter with an equal or slightly higher cfm rating than the fan.

Ex: Grow space is 200 cubic feet. You want a fan that can handle a minimum of 300 (in my opinion) & a filter rated at least 300 cfm, though a 325-350 cfm would be better.

and make sure you get a fan with a speed controller or buy one to add to the setup. u may not want to have fan going full speed all the time.

Do your research on the filters before you buy one. They will not completely eliminate the smell 100%. A faint smell when first smell it then you go nose blind. I have my five by five tent with a 6-inch filter and a 4-inch filter Australian carbon going on 63 days of flower with three plants and can smell them. Not a lot overwhelming but when first go into the building I can smell. But after that I don’t smell anymore and I know if I did not have those filters oh my Lord the smell would be very bad. I mean good for me. I love the smell ripe buds

i love smell. i would grow the stuff without filter in my bedroom if possible. but i live in a… conservative place. i need privach

Ideal situation is have the filter inside the tent so leaks at the filter neck are not a problem. I have two 4 inch duct fans with variable speed for my 4x4.
The intake is higher and blows down and across my two HLG XL320QB lights. The exhaust is in a lower port to pull out the moist air. Filter connected to the underside of scrog screen near center. The intake is set lower than exhaust to adjust for the extra effort to pull air through the filter.
Works really well for me. Some smell still but not much. (I am fond of Super Lemon Haze and Sativas so not a skunky as some strains).

Intake is best located down low to pull in cool air, and exhaust is best located up high to pull out hot air.

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I did start out that way, but found the heat generated by my lights was kept lower by putting intake directly on them so they didn’t get as hot / were kept cooler in the first place. (That is my best guess anyway why it worked better. Never lets the heat build up to start with).
I was pretty confused at first, but went with it since I got better results and thought it might increase the lifespan of my LEDs and power supplies as a bonus.

It would be best to have the exhaust near them, sucking that air out, rather than pushing it down across your plants & out the bottom. You’re fighting natural law, there. Hot air rises, cold air settles down low.

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