How long will a seed stay good in storage?

I have some White Widow seeds left over from last year, can I expect them to germinate or are they too old?
I bought 20 seeds of Gold Leaf for this year. Do I need to germinate all this season or can half of them keep till 2018?
In other words should you only buy the number of seeds you intend to sprout for the current season?

If stored properly they can be good for years

They will keep as @Hawkeye_diesel stated for years if stored in cool dry place I store mine in a tin with desiccate bag to control moisture and have seeds inside of a plastic bag in a draw down in my cool basement :+1:

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I keep mine in ziploc bags, inside a bank bag inside my file cabinet

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And by storing properly what does that entail? In a baggy in a closet?
Refrigerate? Explain please Hawkeye.

As long as they are in a cool dry place


I won’t refrigerate them since they will get moist in there refrigeration doesn remove humidity it actually designed not to remove as much humidity
So no don’t put them in fridge cool dry Enviroment is best a closet or draw where ever it’s cool (under 80 f) and dry year round in your house @Angus

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In a baggy or plastic storage bin
I use a metal tin myself
You really can’t hurt them unless they get wet and then dry again


The way I do it, and not only for cannabis seeds but all of my fruits and vegetables seeds, is in a pill box put in a vaccum sealed bag and kept in the refrigerator (do not freeze them)

I have tomatoes seeds preserve like this for 10 years and they are still going well (95% of success)

Hoping that’s you’ll find this useful @Angus

~Al :v: :innocent:


Sorry to tell other wise @Countryboyjvd1971, it’s true that refrigeration can cause high humidity problem, however, vaccum sealed prevent that and is an efficient way to conserve seeds.

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Good point I didn’t even think of vac sealing which would prevent moisture good point my friend @Niala
And never feel sorry for pointing things out bro that what makes this forum wonderful different ideas from different wonderful minds
I was just looking at it from a refrigeration guys eyes bro hahaha