How long to germinate before planting seed?

What I mean, tap root just pooked out this morn. How long should i let it grow in length before planting??? Best practices…

I do upto 20 hours in water. I then transfer seed to damp toilet paper for up to 48 hours. Then straight to the grow buckets.

So up to 48 hours when you put it in paper towels for 2 days. Doesn’t matter how big the tap root for me that is. I plant the seed.

Only exception is if the tap root is really small I may add 1 more day before going into soil.

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It did 30hrs in water,overnight in paper towel so far.

You will need usually 2 days in damp paper towels. You need to make sure it stays damp so the seed don’t go bad.

They are being g kept damp in the towels.

I’ll usually plant when tap root is 1/2 in or so long. Then into peat plug and dome for 4-5 days.:v:

These are going into clear solo cups with a good seedling soil and nested in red cups and domed. They will be transplanted into FFOF when ready.


I did mine In damp paper towel between two plates.

I waited 48 hours and then planted. It’s preference though. My taps where not 1/2 in long and they popped out of soil in 2 days

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LOL, mine are setting between 2 plates in my closet.

Curious, where should I place the solo cup in relation to my hlg 260xl light? There are 2 boards with a boards length between them. Should I place cup directly under the blank space or center directly under one board as the light must be close so the plant won’t stretch??? Light will be set at min power.