How long does coconut canaoil last for?

I made some canaoil with coconut oil like 5 or six years ago. Not sure why i haven’t been using it. From what i remember it was good stuff. But my question is will it go bad? Been in the fridge the whole time. No mold or anything.

Haha it’s probably bad. :sweat_smile:

Wow. that is a tad oldish. I have had mine in freezer for year and half. still good. Yours, maybe not

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I’ll get rid of it. It’s just been sitting there. It was 1 of those things I’d look at and tell myself I’ll use it eventually. Haha

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If ur container was heat treated to kill any bacterial spores then it maybe good ,does it smell good or does it smell bad

There was no smell and i had the coconut oil mixed with the trim in a mason jar with lid on and i would have that in a pot of boiling water. Periodically burping the jar and adding more water to the pot. For like 3 hours or so then strained It. It was still green and looked good.

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Going what it says on the internet cannabis infused coconut oil if stored in the fridge can last 3 years or 3 months at room temperature