How does my GG look at 22 days from seed?

I’m pretty proud of these at 22 days but don’t want to be over confident on my first indoor autoflower grow. Autoflower GG 1 in super soil below organic potting soil and 1 in APFP superb coco soil. LED lighting @ 18” cycled 18 on 6 off. Both look great to me but I’m a beginner, and a voracious reader for my growing knowledge.

Any advice or recommendations for the remainder of my grow?


Both look like they’re getting a sufficient amount of light! Looks good so far :slight_smile: I assuming it’s just the camera in the 2nd pic causing that yellowish/white look to the top of the plant?

Thanks. Lighting…I pulled pots to get better photos than LED lighting.

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That’s a nice looking plant. If it were mine, I’d top it. With autos, if you’re gonna do it, do it early.

Happy growing…