How do you pumping out water from your system?

I slowly extended my system to 10 bucket plus reservoir. Changing and dumping water become small workout. I’m wandering how you doing this to make that proces smooth…

I don’t have sink in my grow room but in the room next to. My favorite and only friends are 5gal wet/dry shop vacuum and small stick pump. How about you ?

Just an idea.


I bought a small submersible pump for $8 that I use, but I also integrated my main pump into the system to be able to pump everything out easily.

It’s gonna be tedious no matter what as it’s a good idea to clean/disinfect at rez change (every two weeks or so, unless you’re @peachfuzz lol). Peroxide is your friend.


There’s also the water pumps that you can use with a cordless drill.

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I have a pump in res for my chiller.

I pull line off pump to chiller and attach a 30’ line to the pump and use that to pump it out.


Thanks for idea guys :slight_smile:


I built this contraption out of a 1x6, a cheap water pump, a power supply, and a toggle switch. It works great.