How do leaves begin changing as they start to turn yellow pre-harvest?

(FYI, obviously, this is my first grow. It seems that the plant is 2-3 weeks away from harvest, it’s a White Widow Auto, and I didn’t do any training. The plant has seemed to be very healthy throughout its growth.)

Before harvest, are there any patterns to leaf yellowing? Does it normally start at the tips? This morning, I noticed a tiny bit of yellowing at the very tips on a few fan leaves throughout (top to lower levels) on the plant. Also, do any leaves begin curling inward at all? Do leaves begin sagging?

Do leaves become more sensitive to the grow light as they begin their pre-harvest death cycle? If so, should I keep the grow light where it’s been, or should it be moved further away from the plant?

(For some background, for what it’s worth, many weeks ago, I had my grow light too close to the plant, and I noticed the very top leaves curling a bit on edges, along with a bit of leaf tip yellowing. I put the grow light up further, which quickly solved the problem. But obviously, now the plant is at a different growth stage, so … )


Cannabis will neglect the overall plant as it focuses on ripening the flowers late in the grow, so it is normal to see yellowing or other coloration later in a grow.

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My general rule of thumb is that when the bottom leaves yellow and die off late in flower it’s normal. When they yellow and die off from the top down it’s the lights causing the issue. Something isn’t in balance, too much light or not enough or right kind of nutrients.


Pics would help