How do I top my plants?

As a first time grower I was hoping someone could explain to me when and how to top my plants. Plants are 3 weeks. They’ll be going outside at the end of the month. So far plants are looking strong and healthy. I’m trying to figure out how to put pics on here.

I’ll see if I can find the diagram for this to make it a little easier. But to post pictures go to reply, that should pop up a text box and on the bottom right side there should be blue text saying upload. Then upload your pictures as you wish. You may have to resize some pictures for they sometimes are to big but I’ll brb with the diagram

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<img src=“//<img src="//" width="457" height="500">.jpg” width=“374” height=“500”>Thank you so much! I’ll have to download from my phone.

Try reading this it might help


Thank you!

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So generally some people wait til about the 5th node to start topping but some people start at the 3rd node so it’s all preference I guess. Also if your plants are autos it’s suggested to NOT top because the auto plant wont have time to heal itself from the cut.

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There are also some great videos on You Tube that explain as well as show you what to do ! Jerry

Thank you very much for the information. I think I will NOT top them at this time. I’ll wait til they’re a little bit bigger. I tried to upload pics, but it’s telling me they’re too large so I have to figure out how to make them smaller so I can post. I’m new to this, can you tell? LOL

It’s all good ! We have to start somewhere. Keep the drive to learn and you will do well. Jerrry

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You have to crop the pictures for them to upload. If on android there should be a option in the gallery to crop any photo

I have an Iphone…tried making pictures smaller and when I tried uploading it shows a blank screen. so irritating! I’m trying again though.

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A picture came through. They look nice, I agree wait a lil bit to top.

Thanks!! And Thanks for the advice!

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