How do I identify my seeds

I just received my seeds from the mail and was very happy to receive them but there’s only one glitch…I don’t know one seed from another because the only identifying markers are numbers but no names…I’m new so I want to believe that there’s something I missed out on…I’ve uploaded a picture so maybe someone can help me identify my girls (seeds)…thanks in advance

First 3 initials are the strain. For instance GLT would be galato and SSK would be super skunk compare those first 3 initials to what you ordered


Thanks , they all looked the same to me initially but now when I look at them the letters just jump out at me…now I’m kinda feeling like an imbosile…LOL…thanks again…


Your not the 1st nor last to battle this small problem. Glad ya got it all straightened out. Happy growing🤘


In case anyone forgets, and comes across this post, here’s the product reference page.


I did the same when I started your not alone