How do i add garden lime to my soil ? my plant is all ready planted

My autoflower is 19 daysbold above soil. It is planted in a 1 gallon smart pot filled with roots organic original and i added perlite. I want to add garden lime which is the same thing as dolomite lime. I want to water the garden lime in. How much garden lime should i add to a 16oz bottle of water ? And should i crush the garden lime before mixing it in the water ? And is it possible to nutrient burn my plant from to much dolomite lime ?

I do not have a formula for what you wabnt to do. I always mix my garden lime into the soil before I plant. I have never mixed it with water.

Without knowing what size pot you are growing in; It is hard for me to give you a measure that would be appropriate.

IN a 3 gallon pot; Already filled with a growing plant; You could probably spread 2 TBS of lime over the soil medium. Water as normal; Allow the mineral to seep into soil naturally

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This is the formula I worked out for ESPOMA garden lime

ESPOMA garden lime.

Since the listed recommended amount to use was listed at 7.5 lbs. per 100 Sq. Ft area to bring up a 5.5 to 6.5 PH I had to do some calculation and thought I should show the math here to help others
with the calculation. I hope the following makes sense.

First step is to convert the 7.5 lbs. for 100 Sq. Ft to Ounces per Sq. Ft.
Formula is 7.5 / 100 = .075 Lbs. per square foot, next convert 0.075 lbs. to ounces so 0.075 x 16 = 1.2 Ounces per Sq. Ft
(Formula is Ounces per Sq. Ft = Lbs. x 16)

Second step Convert pot size to Square Feet
For square pot take first side (in inches) x second side in inche=Sq inches.
Formula is Length x width = Square Inches when working in inches. To convert this to Square Feet Divide by 144 (12” x 12” = 144”) Example for 12” inch pot 12” x 12” = 144” Sq. In.
144” Sq. In Divided by 144” = 1 Square Foot.

Since I was using a ROUND felt pot it was a little different and needed
to convert using the formula 2 x the Radius squared x Pi
(Pi is 3.1416). Example my pot is 13 inch across at center so
the radius (1 half the Diameter) is 6.5 inches. Formula is 6.5 x 6.5 = 42.25 x 3.1416 = 132.7326 Sq. In. Now divide by 144 to get square feet or 132.7326 / 144 = 0.9217541 Square Feet.

Now using these answers I know how much Garden Lime to use using the
formula Pot size in Square Feet times Ounces per Square Foot or 0.9217541 Sq. Ft x 1.2 Ounces per sq. ft. = 1.10 ounces


Smartass! Lol

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