How and when to clone?

I recently started cloning for the first time. And i did it while in veg. It was pretty easy. I cut the bottom branches. Made several for fun and gave them away. This one i kept. This was then and now. Was doin lst too


No - take them back to veg, grow and then re-flower

Yeah they get big. Over 7 feet tall and I can fill a 4x4 with just 1 single plant.

Nice. Did you use a rooting gel or powder? Did you lose many of the clones?

I don’t clone yet. I have over 800 seeds top strains. I collect them. I do have 1 strain I will clone and thats my Tora Bora.

To clone you have to be at least 18/6. I only grow plants at 12/12.

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Sometimes it takes up to 10-14 days for me… Also, I read that roots develop faster in the dark. So I keep the lighting on them to a minimum at first… But I don’t have a great success rate yet… not consistent…

I used powder. And i lost none. They all rooted

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800 seeds?! My goodness!

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Most guys love porn. My porn is collecting marijuana strains. :joy::joy::joy:


That is quite a collection you have going on!

Excuse my ignorance - but isn’t the 12 hours of darkness the trigger to flower - regardless of the type of light they receive? Or did I miss something. Just changing your nutes and MH/ HPS or equivalent seems… too easy!
I really enjoy your comments when I see them on various topics - thanks for sharing the knowledge

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That is awesome! Nice job :slight_smile:

I kept a homemade humidity dome over it and kept leaves moist until u see new growth and clipped tips of leaves to make it concentrate on root growth instead of photosynthesis. Leanred it here


I certainly would have use some if I had some. Wasn’t planned, just did it.

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A cut bottle base over a plastic cup, keep under cfl and lift as required? Basically what my intention was - seemed like the simplest way out of it without purchasing a kit.


Hey @BenKenobi420 Happy growing! here’s an example of Monster Cropping. Took these cuttings 4 days ago. Mother will hit week 6 flower on Sunday.

Cuttings. Not from main stalk, taken from offshoots from the second node branches.
Have them on a low watt (51w) 18/4, attempting to Root and then revert back to Veg!

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Yes 12/12 forces the photo to flower usually in 30 to 45 days.

The way I grow I literally have no Veg Cycle.

Wow. That is a different approach to the typical - obviously it works for you.
Does that mean that you are more aiming to turn around more smaller plants faster - training as you go? That would get you close to perpetual wouldn’t it? Apart from minor gaps or overlaps?
Does that mean that you are flipping at around 12" tall and ending up with a canopy around 30"?

My plants average 7 feet tall and around 6 to 8 feeet wide.

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Obviously this isn’t indoors - or at least your average grow tent! lol
Those sort of heights seem incredible even for outdoors! That of course, is coming from someone that knows almost enough to be dangerous…

Yea. Cut bottle. Gotta mist leaves several times a day and mist the bottle too. And let air out like 10 mins twice a day. Atleast what i did. Since theres no roots yet the leaves take in moisture so dont let them dry

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