Hot humid grow tent/LED lighting

So my humidity level and temp in the grow room gets too hot, my last batch stressed and produced nanners I think due to it (or late trimming, or light increase I messed up a few places) but it was still great, I didnt know the strain, I got the tent just as my plant went into flowering and adjusting to it was hard not knowing what I was doing, Instead of a fan I have an a/c unit (which is what I used, its a fan as well), so it helps with temp control, but the ventilation is poor just in general I have an output hose going outside and vents open on the tent, If I dont have vents open my unit SUCKS the tent inwards and even so when vents are open, and if I have too many open holes it lets light in when it shouldnt be coming in, I typically keep the fan off when the light is off, but I am trying to figure this all out before my second grow, should I just let it be hot and humid and take the unit/fan out? or this time around since theyre starting in the tent will they condition to the tent better this time around?

This time around, I know which strains I have and that they were stressed into seeding.
I have Cookies and Cream and Big Smooth. I havent tested there ppm yet but I use an Organic soil/perlite medium mix, and plan on fertilizing some with the flora series and cal-mag. I use a Exlenvce 2000W 1500W 1200W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum for Indoor Plants Veg and Flower, in flower/bloom mode right now, They’re 1 week seedlings/babies. 18/6 schedule
Does this sound okay, any extra advice? How far should I keep my lights away since they’re LED, should I only have Veg mode on (blue lights), Should I only have bloom mode on (red lights) or both like I do

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Not familiar with LEDs , so I’m no help there…
But you should have your exhaust fan on a timer to move air even in dark hours…
That’s when plants use up all of the energy they made when lights were on and so that’s why the humidity rises during the dark hours …
That’s when they get to work…


So in my experience witch is not much but take it with a grain of salt … I have 3 fans pointed towards the walls of the tent kinda like a tornado … have the AC on the outside of the tent… and also have negative pressure ( tent sucking in ) I recently found a charts called VPD … It tells you what your humidity should be according to heat pretty neat stuff … as far as plants causing bananas I’ve had it happen due to stress had some pretty wicket heat waves this summer … But it could also be the genetics … So how far your light should be idk probably owner Manuel will give you an idea … But their is some app like photon I have not tried them but that might be a place to start …maybe read up on some content here on this site lol … DLI I think that’s what the kids are doing now for light strength and placement I should read up more on it since I’m pretty sure I burnt some of my leaves on my plants … That’s all I got


And I’m clearly out of date here lmao