Homemade pipe screens

Sorry if this isn’t the correct location to post this, I’ll delete if nessary. But my question is… does anyone make their own pipe screens? And if so, what do you make them from? I usually like to use the aerator screens they use in sink faucets, they are pretty durable and last quite awhile. Tonight though I was cleaning out my pipe and noticed she’s about due for a new screen and started trying to think of way I could make some. Maybe go to a window/screen shop and buy some metal screening? TIA for your ideas

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I got mine from Amazon, a lot cheaper than the local head shops. I won’t lie, I am to lazy to cut my own, but I change mine out about twice a week…



Have you tried the glass jacks or flowers? Last a little longer, but I think they clog easier.

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I use glass ones in my water pipe and they work out great. I got them at a local smoke shop.

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It’s probably just cheaper and easier to buy them in bulk imo
But you should use only use brass or stainless steel screens to smoke from copper is not a good choice to use as a smoking screen FYI
And screen should be around 180 microns
Hope this helps have a great day happy growing


I buy them in bulk on amazon also. In fact, a 50ct is arriving today (Love to see that “On the Truck For Delivery” ).

The local smoke shop gets amazing prices these days for a five pack…screw that. I go through 4-5 a month and just found the amazon option last year.


I haven’t used a pipe that needed a screen since high school (many many years ago) but I also used to use faucet screens, I used to heat them up first. To be honest I’m not sure if they are even safe to be used as a smoking screen but when you are a young wipper snapper things like that don’t faze you. Lol.