Home made led lights

Made these from 100w day and soft white house light bulbs. Could find out much on making this and not really sure on the combination of day.soft white bulbs. Do you want more of one color over the other?


Pretty neat…
How do you calculate that? 16x100w =1600W???
what did you spend?
Tag me in your grow journal please :pleading_face:

Wonder what @dbrn32 thinks about it…

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Hade the 2ft 4bulb t5’s to use for the frame. Spent about 100$ on bulbs. I’m guessing from info on box that its pulling about 220w from the wall. Just wondering if the combination of lights matter

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Do you know cct and cri of each? Typically depends on what you are wanting light to do. There is no specific issue with mixing them. You will end up with final cct somewhere between the middle of the two cct’s used.

Don’t know a lot about navigating through these forums and tagging something. Any way this is my first grow with these lights and my knowledge about led lights isn’t very much. Problem I’m having is the top of my plant is turning yellow and I’m thinking its light stress.

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They’re hungry and possible early mag def: not knowing anything else about the grow it’s hard to say. Not light stress.


What does light stress look like any way? What symptoms are indicative for light stress?

Praying would be the first sign. Tip and edge burn on leaves closest to the canopy. Flower can turn brown on the top. Too much light and the plants won’t be able to use it. Also; lots of nutrient transport going on due to lots of light which can translate into some excesses. Also, high intensity lights cause the plants to use more calcium and magnesium so should supplement.

Ohh good to know… Seems i have something like that going on, with my flowering tent…

I have 2x400W HPS for one big plant. I could dimm them to 75% or 50%. Or move them upwards… what’s the best way of action?

It seems like a minor stressor…

Canoeing up fully edges of fans … splotchy yellowness ^^praying like my friend said leaves standing almost strait up :sunglasses:

do you see light stress here?

Whoa that is very odd… I have never seen that before but that is quite possibly light burn… is this unter you home made cluster light? How many watts is each cluster pulling and what is powering it? And how high above canopy do you keep it at

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I have 2x 400w hps… I toggled them to 50% and moved up.

The symptoms are gone i plucked away all the leafs that showed it and haven’t seen any new…

I mean I’m not sure about it but the pre and post symptomatics say light stress.

So yeah…
problem solved and thanks for the concern…

I would like to have closure and be sure it was light stress…

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Cool if it went away I’d say you were probably right

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