HLG 260 newest version comes with a potentiometer to dim

I thought I would create this post in case anyone else buys an HLG 260W QB V2 rspec grow light. They have switched drivers and this one is wired for a potentiometer. None of the videos I watched show how to wire this. After reading many articles on potentiometers I figured it out. There are three sets of wires coming out of the driver. The power cord connections are brown to black, blue to white and green/yellow to green. The red and black wires go to the board + and -. Make sure you flip one board upside down when mounting to the heat sink. You want the HLG logo at the bottom of one board and the top of the other board. The potentiometer has blue and white wires. White goes to the middle pin of the potentiometer and blue goes to the outside pin. There is one pin that is not used. It works well. I wasn’t expecting this but if you turn it all the way counter clockwise, it turns the light off completely.This light is bright! Hope this helps anyone buying the newest version of this light.


Thanks for the post! The move to xlg driver was definitely unexpected.


The last HLG 260 QB RSPEC I purchased. Come with a dial external pot . I was a little surprised but lot more convenient.

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Yes, that’s how mine is. The external pot has wires attached to it that are about 3" long. I suppose if you wanted to mount it somewhere you could extend that length with the supplied wiring in the kit. I just let mine hang there since it is so light.

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The previous driver that come with kits the internal pot was on top of the driver, accessible. One of the first things I noticed when I took it out of the box. The internal pot was on the bottom of the XLG driver. The external dial Pot definitely makes it more user-friendly.


Do you have your dimmer just hanging, or did you mount it anywhere? I couldn’t find a hole in the board big enough to mount it.

Jonny Utah

I just let it hang by the wires. It is very light and doesn’t even bend them.