Hi can u grow same plant year to year

i have.got a nice size plant .
after harvevest. can I keep growing her till .next season…
may be a silly.idea

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I heard you could keep her alive if you keep enough leaves and branches after harvesting but it will stress the heck out of your plant
Depending on age you could clone her even if in flower and you’ll get monster plants
You should research monster cropping on the forum
I’ll tag @Majiktoker and @garrigan62 they both are doing some cloning and can assist you if you want they are great guys
And welcome to the forum @tripper

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You can you just basically make a 2 year plant instead of a clone same process as cloning once harvested put back into 18/6 for a couple weeks it should reveg, if you dont have time to waste I certainly wouldn’t advise doing this.

If you do have the time leave 4 branches on her to reveg