Hey looks like I am doing something right!

Looks like i am doing something right although i don’t know what hahha :joy:
Do i get cool new privileges where i can’t pick on the weak and feeble :smiling_imp:
LOL just kidding

Level 2 Trust Baby!


Sorry, i need my heart back, your only a level 2,. :laughing: :rofl: :joy: :joy_cat:


@Mosca :no_mouth:

lol i show you all when i own this place :unamused:


To be honest, the first thing most of us did right was joining this group. Pretty great place, makes mw want to grow weed or try to.


are you not growing?

Showed up here late july,

Our last plant is hanging, other is in grove bag.

We getting ready for New Years eve seed drop for number 2.

We be growin. Yeehaw yall


nice they look great! what strain

Banana kush, we have ordered Wedding Cake and runtz for our next run.

Thanks for asking, what do you have going on?

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man i didn’t realize all the doctor sues strains of weed they had man! so i order white widow and ak47 because those were some of the best i have had. most of the time it doesn’t have a new. its always dry and i can break it into dust with finger … anyway i didn’t really look at how beautiful and colorful the other strains are.

im on day 60-70ish of plant. widow / ak

Oh and i think i might have planted a Feminized NON-AUTO because she hasn’t flowered. so i was thinking of taking my first cuttings


Sounds like a good thread starter, looking for a strain for meds. Had back surgery in 1988, wife and i mentioned growing onecbd last night.

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oh i got you like a charlottes web or something? Does ilgm have a CBD strain?

They do, whats nice, there all kind of peeps who make meds and such who have knowledge on that subject matter.

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If you are looking for meds, try posting in the About Marijuana section, tons of others have asked similar questions there.
If ILGM doesn’t have the right strain for your needs, somebody will know who does sell one.

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Congrats on Your promotion. :slightly_smiling_face: this is a great forum and it’s all us average folks who help keep everything awesome. Keep being awesome :sunglasses:
When I first joined, I thought there were, like, maybe 50 strains. Nope…thousands of available and crosses and about seven More I’ve made myself :rofl: always more to learn, do, and create… that stuff is why I like it here.

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Do you ever get where you can direct message people? I never saw the classifieds before either, they are locked but there. I know because someone mentioned them and I searched and got nothing.

I m pretty sure direct messaging is not allowed. Some folks are in other platforms of social media so they can there but typically not here. That’s how they protect those who wish to remain private. And I haven’t used the classified section so am unsure about that.