Hermies? PH issues and stress?

Got 4 Brice Banner auto flowers and they have all flowered at different times. The two that flowered at the same time, have these that I noticed this morning. I had my PH pen take a dump a few weeks back and I ended up with lock out issues. That been corrected but I am pretty sure the stress has all 4 flowering at different times (one hasn’t flowered as of yet even under a 12/12 cycle. Let me know if you think I have a couple of hermies here.


Those are calyxes. You’re fine.


Everything looks good .

Outta :green_heart:

All good no need to panic

It is not uncommon for autos to flower at different times. No need to worry.

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looks all good

Like the others said.

Thanks all.

Same strain can show different. Patience is the hardest virtue. Wait them out, you are good

What do you call

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@Vonitsanos13 Google cannabis plant Identify parts.

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I have 3 same strain autos running right now, and all 3 did the same. All in various stages of flower. It happens, makes things exciting :grin: