Hermies found during harvest

Hi - I harvested 4 plants today. During trimming, I found that one of the plants has a bunch of little “balls” under and next to the buds.

These balls (or are the called pollen sacks?) do NOT seem to have opened.

  1. will pollen sacs open after they’ve been harvested?

  2. Since they dont seem to have opened, can they be in the same closet as the “good” colas during Drying, without harming anything?

  3. Are the flowers that have the little balls going to be ok to smoke or should they be tossed (most of the buds still look very good). Thx!!

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The deed has not been done, if sacs are not open.
Open sacs while hanging will not hurt current hung grow, but pollen presence make lead to pollen presents in future plants or still growing grow… Harvest time will terminate seed growth, substantially, if not all.
Smoke-em if you got-em, was the phrase, in boot camp (yes, ok to smoke).
Smoking male plants is better than smoking banana peels, trust me.
I harvested pollen and made seeds (counterproductive for bud growth, but good for seed banking).
Pinch them out and contain for managed disposition.


How about a picture to confirm before we tell you to throw it out?


Yes, post some pics! Are they swollen calyxes, or male pollen sacs? Swollen calyxes are what you want, lol.

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This is my guess, They look like little balls but if they have a hair coming out then they are just a female calyx. Even if you find a male flower or bananas the buds will be just fine. The only thing a pollenated plant will do is reduce trichome development if pollenated early. I see so many people want to throw it away and it smokes just fine even if it has a few seeds.
But I am guessing its just calyxes at the leaf nodes.

This is female


Here are 2 quick pics - Blue Dream (seeds kinda old). I dont have time right now to show you the other colas, but most look like this. not open.

If they are calyx a) Ive never seen these on any of my previous harvests and b) They are not on any other plants.

I will take more pics later if I see different look balls on other colas.

So they are safe to bring inside with the rest of my plants in the drying room? Thanks sooo much!


They look like calyx to me. That is what mine always look like.


I see no evidence of a hermie.


Looks like calyx to me as well


Ok thats good news. I just looked at my super silver haze colas and they dont have the calyx so it may be strain specific? They all grew up in the same tent.


That is very odd. Every female cannabis plant that I have flowered (including about 10 Super Silver Haze in five different grows) had calyx. I think that the buds and colas are made up of many calyx that grow in a tight group.

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Weed in the 60’s always had seeds.
And we were happy.


thanks everyone for the input. You were right - it was just calyx, just never seen them so dominant.

All plants trimmed and in the drying process. Its so humid here that I take off all the fan leaves and anything without trichomes and dry. Then I do a final trim before curing.

Do you guys think this is a good method or no?

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Dave - How has weed changed from your perspective since 60s - 70s? Was there flowers with 30%+ THC like we see today? How about taste and smell? There so many new strains now I cant keep up…

I grew up in the 80s and there was a lot of Mexican “dirt” weed (Arizona/Cali). But every once in a while we got hold of some primo…

It was fun back then. smoking with friends, drinking and eating.
Most weed was average poor, but occasionally, 1- and 2- hit weed was available. ($100.00 and $200.00 an OZ. when gas as a dollar.
My body hurt much less so the high was great and fun.
Finding good weed was a challenge, not today.
Stoned sex participation was the norm and fun.
I grew some Afgan that was awesome and cloned easily.
Keeping a grow was impossible with a job that involved travels and overnights to a month.
Support equipment for grow was non-existent
Cooking the weed concentrated the product for smoking in a pipe.
Went on a month job with a 35mm film canister, which was plenty for a week (job got cancelled so we smoked it all in two days.
More names today, legal in some states, cleaner products and good smells.
Commercial product today is developed for smoking.
Home grow can do the same or better with the right combos.
Tuff choice, now/today (old and pains everywhere) or young and dumb.
Could I have a do-over?

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Friends have died, moved on, or other.
Forum and Forum friends have saved the day, my grow, and me.
Never had an inventory to sit on and share (give away oz at a time, monthly).
In 1979 if we used a vacuum in my 2023 lung room, we would be high for a week.
I destroyed over a pound of immature bud, just to recover seeds and harvest grow before the proverbial garden got toasted again, routine.
Not going to jail, ever, again. Lifetime (annual renewal, required) get out of weed jail license.
Medical exemptions file larger than some buds that I smoke.

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thanks man, that is cool info, maybe you should write a book :))

We could concentrate weed with hash, now I can use kief.
Diesel fuel, paraquat, undetermined stuff, we smoked it all, back then.
Now I have learned to wash my weed, and it did not hurt the product.
Still great to play this side of the dirt.
Good growing to you.