Hermie? Or no??

So this Pure Michigan went in the 12/12 room for 10 days then got put back in the veg tent. Did she herm on me?

That’s all male. Ready to pop too. Unless you’re breeding, bag it, and chunk it.


Looks like full on male parts.


Was hoping it was going to reveg and grow crazy like a bush Didn’t work oh well win some and you lose some

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Will the pollen be any good since it’s a hermie ? I was under the impression it was no good

Couldn’t tell ya honestly. Haven’t done anything with genetics or breeding. @Hellraiser knows a good bit.

It don’t appear to be a Hermie plant looks all male to me. Was it a reg seed or a fem seed. Of fem something went wrong for sure of reg then I have a male and the pollen will be good to make seeds as long as u use a good plant to pollinate u’ll be good. Collect pollen and keep it safe and when u have a plant just shooting pistils in clusters u wanna brush them then super early. Just so u know any plant in the room when u pollinate another will get pollen on it all. Pollen flies even if u don’t see it it’s on the air lol. I know from having one around. It makes its way all over lol. U can walk by a male plant that’s dropping pollen and just from u walking by it can bring it from one room to another with the breeze from u walking. Be Leary on any plants u don’t want pollinated. Only do this is u want the plants to be seeded meaning don’t do it if u have a pla t u don’t want seeded cuzz it will catch some pollen and ruin the whole plant lol.

Definitely hermie on me I got her as a cut from a friend I have 2 clones from same plant flowering now and perfectly fine

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