Hermes in grow tent

I have just harvested my girls, or should I say my hermes, and was wondering a few things…
I have tried my results with great results, but the new question I have is - do I need to “cleanse” my tents so the next grow will not get taken to the male plant. I figure if my girls changed late to hernes, and pollen is still in tents. What do I clean or scrub tent with so I do not end up with males.
I also started a new outdoor grow with the seeds aquired by the harvested plants. (already sprouting)Will they be predominately male or will thy be female, due to fem seeds originally.
Thanks in advance.

You will definetly wanna try to clean it the best you can,it may be hard to get it all out of the tiny cracks and spaces.

They will be both male and female; predominantly female, but they will also have the potential to be hermaphrodites, like it’s parent.

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You always want to clean your grow room, or grow tent after each harvest.

Best thing to prevent hermies or unwanted seeds is to be diligent in the cleaning of your grow space.

A Tbs. of bleach in a gallon of water, should do the trick.

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that sounds easy and cheap enough. Thanks for the tip.