Here’s a new one for me

Look at these pics close. Every single leaf is 3 blade. I have never had a plant that only produced 3 blade leaves. It’s a gorilla glue auto. It’s been flowering for 17 days, and the buds look ok I guess. Any idea why this would be?


New to me as well!!

I’m wondering if my light’s to strong. It’s a 350r, and I turned it up full power a few days ago. I just turned it down to 280.

I figured someone else would be in to give an explanation or educated guess. I am still watching and learning.

I would say genetics .


So I had a couple of my outdoor girls do that also 2 summers ago and some of the research I dug up said it was probably an overage of (I think) magnesium in my case. Shit I was stuffing those girls at the end with as much P&K as I could lol.

But here’s a link that says other stressors


I’ve had a few autos stick with 3 leaves. Still good bud.