Help! Yellowing Tips

I’m on week 5 of my veg stage and just notice some yellowing on the tips of my leaves.

I feed once a week and have not done a flush yet. How do I go about flushing?

My plants are in 3 gal pots

Any help is much appreciated

flushing is easiest if you do it outside of the tent. I set them on a rack over a 5 gallon pail to catch the runoff. Use PH adjusted water. This is from rollitup: On a USUAL flush you use 2wice the amount of water as soil that you have in the pot . EX: So a three gallon pot you would slowly pour 6 gallons of water through the soil untill it all drained out the bottom of the pot . If you use a flushing agent like FloraKleen, use it first and then use remaining water to complete the flush.

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Thank you!! I will try that method out later this week. Do you prune your plants? And if so how often?

Yeah I do. I have 4 northern lights that I just switched to 12/12. They were topped twice. First, the main stem then the two secondary stems and all side branches. I have thinned out leaves, bottom and center of plant. I did this 2x and will do it again before / or when first pistils show. I actually did a couple of topics on the process. One is Northern Lights Second Topping Illustrated
I followed up with Northern lights training continued

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Thanks man. I’m going to read them now. Also when you are flushing your plants with that much water do you get nervous about possibly drowning them? This is my first grow so I’m extremely cautious lol

It isn’t really a whole lot different than watering to runoff. Once the soil hits it’s saturation point, it just washes straight thru. I use fabric pots which allows for more air exchange than a solid sided pot. Rather than watering on the 3rd day, it might be the 4th or 5th day.