Help with rust like spots

Hi All & HNY.
Just wondering if anyone can tell me what this issue is & the best way to deal with it. I’m thinking this might be some sort of fungal problem or disease maybe.

@Sth61The420State I can’t see anything that jumps out at me. Whole plant in normal light will help also.
A lot of times leaves just get wore out, and they have all kinds of things go wrong with them.

Hi @Covertgrower
I have noticed the odd leaf do what the one in the pic does, start to wither and eventually die off. Wasn’t too concerned about that.
It wasn’t until I did some pruning and noticed those brown rust like spots on the stem.
Was a bit worried when i did the post about the branches doing the same way as the leaves and die off.
Hopefully nothing to worry about.

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I’ve seen rust fungus on lawns before, it was pretty much completely covered. Not sure if that’s what you have or not. Maybe @garrigan62 would know?

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There are more than 5,000 known species of rust that can affect plants.
Easily identified, rust exhibits as rusty-yellow or bright orange spots on
plant leaves and stems. The spots are filled with a mass of viable spores.
Excessive moisture and cool weather promote rust, which is a fast-growing
fungi that travels through the air until it settles on the host plant.
Although rust does not kill the host plant, rust can contribute to its decline.
Symptoms of rust infestation include stunted growth and dying branches.

Removing Infected Vegetation

Rake up all fallen branches, twigs and leaves and remove for proper disposal so
as not to reinfect the plant. Burn or compost infected vegetation. Fallen leaves
and garden debris infected with rust can be composted, as hot composting destroys
rust spores. If only a few leaves are affected, pruning the plant and removal
of the diseased branches and leaves may eliminate the problem. Rust spores are
carried on the wind and can travel for miles. It is therefore not practical to
remove nearby plants that may be affected.


Rust develops readily on damp foliage. Adopt a watering method that saturates
the roots of the plant but does not keep the foliage wet. Water plants in late
morning, so that they have a chance to dry off during the heat of the day.
Rust developing in the greenhouse can be an indication of inadequate ventilation.

Neem Oil

Pressed from the seeds and fruit of the neem tree grown in India, neem oil
controls many plant pests and fungi. Select a product that contains about
70 percent clarified hydrophobic extract of neem oil. Following the instructions
on the package label, spray plants every seven to 10 days until rust infestation
is eradicated. Use approximately 2 tablespoons of neem oil to 1 gallon of water.
Neem oil is available for purchase online, from plant nurseries, or home and
garden supply centers.


An application of sulfur helps curb rust infestations in garden plants.
Some sulfur preparations are sprinkled or dusted on the plant as a powder
and others are mixed with water and sprayed on the plant or poured on the
soil around the base of the plant. Read the package instructions carefully
and apply as indicated. Sulfur fungicide products can be purchased online or
from local farm and garden supply centers. By using an organic fungicide,
you can rest assured, knowing that rust on your plants is being controlled
without the use of toxic, synthetic chemicals


You’re the man!

Thanks @garrigan62 for the very detailed reply, I have some Neem oil if needed but after having a good look at em it was probably just on 1 or 2 of the small branches i trimmed the other day, maybe just 1 plant.
Also just wondering if my plants could have picked it up from nearby grape vines as they’ve had powdery mildue for a while. Or are the rust like spots a different type of fungal problem that only affects weed ? An what about copper sulphate as a possible treatment ? It works well on grape vines.
Cheers mate.

YES SIR, … It sure could have and most likely did. I was an outdoor grlwer back about 5 yr ago and I had the very same thing happen to me.
Next grow if your outside is prevention by cleaning up everything near by real good. I’ll bet you that the grape leaf’s are covered with it aren’t they my friend ?

Yeah mate the vine got a bit early on as I was late spraying it. I’m out their daily cleaning up dead leaf on the plants but I think if i didn’t let them get so thick and got rid of the thin streched branches it may have let more light an air in. Goes back to the old saying prevention is better than a cure.