Help with my luck

This is my first time ordering from these guys I bought 7 strains I’m hoping to get the real deal white nug. Am I going to be happy I spent $800 I went all in. Will I be happy? I’ve been robed 2 times already

If you already know how to grow weed you’ll probably be happy @g420g420. I’ve never seen white nug…just varying shades of green


Thanks man I’ve grown 20 years I know a lot of it is DNA if I have good seeds I know I’m good. Thanks

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I have about 15 strains of ILGM @g420g420 . Out of all those there are only 2 I wouldn’t grow again and that’s only because I didn’t know what I was doing when I bought them. I give them a high rating among the seedbanks I deal with

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ILGM is trusted, ships (mostly) worldwide (sorry Australia) and respected in the community. Their guarantee is the real deal too.

ILGM wont steer you wrong. Happy Growing !