Help with grow tent set up

Hey folks, first time grower. Im looking to grow 1 plant at a time, maybe 2 when I get it down. Im going with White Widow auto, high CBD for my first grow. I already purchased the pot for pot 5gal kit and am now looking into grow tents.

I found this kit and based on other threads, its a popular brand. I also read that kits are not the way to go…the problem i have is that im completely oblivious as to what is good so I kinda like the idea of kits.

Im hoping to get some thoughts on this one:

Im 100% open to buying things separately but need serious help and links. Budget is $500, but I would like to keep it around $300 if possible.

Thanks for reading and I really appreciate the help and tips!

Nothing wrong with the kit but don’t blow the leftover budget money. May end up needing a heater, humidifier ppm and ph meters etc. Etc.

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I disagree. Every component seems okay, with the exception of the light. That tent really should have a Mars TS 1000 as the 600 is inadequate for 24”x24” coverage.

Also, ideally you’d get a taller tent. Height is valuable, especially if you decide later to go hydroponic.

Being frank with you, if your budget is less than $700, it’s really questionable considering all the things you might need.


With any set-up your light and exhaust will be the two biggest bites out of your budget.
The kit isn’t bad but the exhaust isn’t the best nor is the light. They are good for their price
but you will eventually want to replace them for better results.

Is this a good start up kit?

So I broke up the kit a bit for what I think are better better light and vent and compatible tent for minor increase in price. Thoughts? Is buying what’s below a good upgrade to the kit?

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Here’s my setup on a budget of around 650 my light was from a friend who didn’t want to bother with growing anymore so it was much cheaper than usual. My tent and exhaust/fan setup cost me the most by far yet I got them on sale again saving me money. The place was going out of business and was selling off all it’s stock so I lucked out there.

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Take a look at an AC infinity 4” raxial paired with a VanLeno carbon filter.


So I found this one:

Or there is another for $90…its the AC infinity Cloudiness S4…is the one in the link what i want or should I spend the extra?

The $20 one has worked for me.

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