Help with early growth

Hi, I am starting my first grow and have come across some issues with growth.

Some leaves are getting white blanches on them, and some leaves aren’t forming correctly at all.

Haven’t used any nutes, only watered twice (doesn’t seem to be under/over watered at all.) I’m growing in an environment that ranges from 72-85 and humidity of 40-50. I am running the sf1000 light at 19 hours on 5 off. And there is good airflow in the tent. Just ordered a ph reader to see if my tap water is the problem.

Any ideas on what else I should try?

Pretty sure it’s not nute related (but you should still always ph your water) my guess is it’s either just genetic vagriation or possibly a pest problem(I have very little experience there) @Axemanjake23 @Hellraiser @Mark0427 opinions?


Looks like too much fertilizer in that soil if you ask me. Good eye for noticing something like that change in the appearance.

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Mutation can happen early if cal is not available to the plant. Are you using cal-mag? Also the whitish lines kinda look like leaf miners, may not be, but look for the bastards under the leaves. Good luck if u find them. And sometimes plants mutate when young and grow out of it. Or it could be from water drops on the leaves, keep them dry when lights are on. Or It maybe nothing. Fill this out and we can help more.

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Really appreciate it

Thanks so much y’all

Ive had 2 plants i was just using water on for a bit half coco.perilite half ffof. Just ro water for a bit no additives at all and i have noticed sone weird stuff like this also ive added calmag to the water and all them spots seem to be diminishing. Hal of 2 leaves on 1 of the plants one whole side turned yellow looking while the other half stayed green as can be looming perfect lol.

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But yes if u add anything to t h e water make sure to ph water after or that will cause serious problems. Tap water is already in the 7s for ph so its already a high ph for the plant as it is. Good luck we will all b around to help out bud


This would be my answer, and nothing to worry about.


Agree with @GreenSnek and @Hellraiser


Will be seeing if the cal-mag helps out. Thanks man