Help what’s wrong with one of my babies

What’s wrong with my baby I don’t know the brand since it came from one of my seeds that I found seed germinated on 10/4

Soil is just top soil
PH level at holes of bucket is 5 and about 3 in from top the PH level is 7
Soil is measuring moist
Feed every 3 day with FoxFarm

What seems to be the issue? Little droopy… that maybe over/underwatering

Also those pH sticks arent super accurate. If ur soil pH was down to 3, the plant would be starving.


Should I just wait a few days before I water again. Also when I water sometimes it takes along time to drain towards the bottom like it just sits on top the turn into mud

Pour it slowly. In circles.

And nexttime ur making soil, add an aerator. Such as perlite or vermiculite. It helps with drainage.

When was the lasttime you watered? And how big is that pot?


I watered today about 4th of gallon of plain water. Planted in a 5 gallon bucket with holes in the sides of the bottom

When did ya?

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I watered around 10 am central time

Today? When was the most recent before then?

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Honestly, it’s a miracle that plant looks as good as it does if all you have had for a meter was that PH stick. To really get accurate numbers you need an actual PH pen. You can get them off amazon relatively cheap.

It’s really odd I have these two which are doing great only differences is that I used and organic base soil and not just the soil I have out in m raised beds which I grew 7 ft tomatoes plants in. Just trying something different to see if I could grow this is my third attempt. I know I don’t have a great setup as of yet since I am using a portion of my garage that we converted into a makeshift green house


The biggest difference I can see between these two if the apical stem hormones in the first are in overdrive. That one top is growing in beast mode. The second pic looks like you may have topped or supercropped and evened out the canopy nicely. I prefer the second style. But the first will net you one baseball of a cola

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The first one is now measuring at 33 inches with no training at all. The second is about 24 inches and I have been tying branches down. I really have no clue on what to do other than keep reading and practicing

I know I will be able to grow like I grow my tomatoes

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I forgot my weed

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This baby is still giving me slit of issues and I don’t know what to do with it

I dont see alot of drainage holes. Maybe she has wet feet too often?

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What can I do about this i do have holes at the bottom on the sides I did get some water run off today. I watered because the soil was dry about 2 inches or so.

Was the pot still heavy? If its not draining, she stays wet too often (not good) but if she was light and dry dry, she should bounce back today

No the bucket is still heavy which it has been since day one. Water does run through holes on the bottom. I checked ph level states it is at 7

I have not watered today other than spray with a misting bottle

Do you think it’s better

Sorry missd your response. Try dropping tags like @Hotstuffmom to grab attention. How they looking now?

Leaves are pretty dark looking

All doing good 1 week flowering down