Help! Too early for nutrient problems!

I need some expert help!

Just started a new batch 4 weeks ago…seeds are over a year old.

Happy Frog
Kind Xl600
Using ph tap water after dechlorination.

Have not fed yet as only 4 weeks old.

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Looking good grow Bro, could you have possible spilled some water on these when top feeding? Are these the only leaves affected? Have you checked the run off PH and PPMs, at 4 weeks in the happy frog they may be getting close to needing nutrients. Target 1000-1200 PPMs and a PH of 6.5 and a drench to drought routine with liberal run off for soil :love_you_gesture:

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I agree that the nutes in the soil, if not depleted, it will almost certainly be close.

They say it lasts I think 4 to 6 weeks for the FF soils, but with the ffof that I’ve used, it tends to peter out at 4 weeks every time (3 grows… multiple plants and several different bags of the soil)

I would look at adding nutes soon if not now )based on time alone…not blemish)

As for the blemish, I agree that it looks like it could be almost anything, not necessarily a sign of the nutes having run out, but like mentioned above, checking numbers will let you know what you should do on nutes


I start feeding after 3 full weeks in either FFHF or FFOF.


Thanks! I have just gotten home and more edges are browning along with some tips. I will feed my Dr Earth nutrients as well as molasses next watering!

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