Help Second run still don’t know what I’m doing thought I could do it on my own

First girl didn’t go so good so I figured I’d try getting your help this time. I’m in week seven they are flowering last time it seemed when they went into flowering I lost all control but I really didn’t have control to begin with since I was using FFOL just watered for the first five weeks pH the course they are starting to show issues like the last batch I had and they went bad. Anyways they don’t look happy they are starting to have the same white Blotches in the center of the leaves that in my last run turn to rust or brown here’s pics please someone help me

Here are some pictures of what they turned into last time

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Are you monitoring runoff pH and PPM?

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Welcome to the community Jesse .

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Yes ph ppm ec Just not the soil

One plant ppm is 460 the other 790 in the last one 610 these are the ppm

PH run off 6.4

The first 2 pics look fine. The last one is okay too. Cannabis will sometimes show what appears to be issues (discoloration) as the plant matures and begins focusing on ripening flower rather than growth. Is what is happening in the 3rd pic what you are worried about?

Those pictures of the leaves that I showed you became An issue on my last grow the leaves would dry in and gets body boron deficiency of some sort don’t know what to do to stop at this time last time I let it go those white spots killed the plant the leaf the plan is feeding on itself I know this how do I fix it

Don’t mean to sound pushy just trying to figure this out

Very unlikely. Your plants look fine. I wouldn’t worry about a few blemishes.

Low on the run off PPMS. Shoot for a 1000 PPMS, supplement calmag, and in flower they need a little more Potassium and phosphorus and less nitrogen. They’re looking good, the Stonington Blend is a great medium but needs nutrients around week 5-6 :love_you_gesture:

Thanks for the info I will bring it up I wasn’t sure thanks again

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Have u been giving them cal/mag at all

No problem Grow Bro, keep me in the loop :love_you_gesture:

I know exactly what happen here , you went from grow nutrients straight to bloom nutrients to fast . You must add bloom at 2.5mls and remove the grow nutrients at 2.5ml in transition gradually not instantly. Your ph is not at the right range for the roots to used the ppm in the dirt .

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Still can’t get it right can anyone tell me what wrong here please

I here you yoshi

Was i correct ? You have to slurry test your dirt so you can figure out the ph and ppm at the rootzones , than we can coreect it from there or i can for you .

I may have missed it somewhere… Are you feeding nutrients 4-6 weeks into the grow after the FFOF does its thing or is it just running off of the soil from the start?

Yes nuts ph spring water cal/mag in between feeding I’m about to start supplementing with silica & cal/mag I only see a ppm of 20 in my spring water ec 0.0 . I have gg4 showing no issues the other GSC is showing some but I flushed them all then dosed with recharg
And looks better but one is looking pretty bad