Help Please With My New Grow

No clue how to post on this forum. I posted where I thought I should but I guess it was the wrong place.

Need some help here with my current grow. My plants are really small and now some of the new growth leaves are twisted and a few have a bit of yellow on the tips.

This is Granddaddy purple feminized in 5 gallon fabric pots. Fox farm happy frog soil.

I started the grow 6 weeks ago and discovered, after a week, that half the LED lights weren’t working. I replaced with the Spider Farm SF-2000. I gave them a tiny bit of Grow Time a month ago.

I’ve been giving them spring water Ph’d to 6.0 to 6.5. I give each 2 cups of water every other day. Maybe I should give them a lot more water and wait longer to water again?

I have a humidifier in the tent but struggle to get the humidity higher than 35-40%. Temp in the tent is 77-82.

The Spider Farm LED gets the tent hotter than the Mars-Hydro that I replaced and it’s much brighter. I’ve had the height at around 18-19 inches and just raised it up to 21".

I’m including photos. Plant on left is only 12" tall and the other is only 10". Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you


Good wet to dry routine is best with cannabis in soil. Soak that soil good with proper ph water and wait a few days.

Your humidity is very very low. That’s a very high VPD for early flower stretch.


I don’t use happy frog, but my understanding is the nutrients only last about 4 weeks. They should be getting some kind of nutrients with every feeding now.


Good start!

Make an adjustment to total saturation of soil then wait for it to be light and leaves almost droop.

Probably 4 or so days to dry out then flood them again.

Feeding can start now.


2 cups for 5 gal pots?
I use 2 or 3 gallon pots and water every 3rd day with almost 1 gal per plant.


The problem with watering small amounts frequently is they never send roots out to find water and only stay where their are happy, essentially becoming root bound.

Soak the soil good for the roots to find that that unused soil/nutrients. Get just a little runoff to test ppm and report back with those numbers.

Feel how light the pot is now and use that had an indicator as to when to water again.


Yes I use half the gals of water that the bag is.

5 gal bag gets about 2.5 gals H2O about every 4 days by the time all the outside leaves are over the edge


One more thing sorry, leave more leaves on that autos, she needs them.


Sorry I did read this is feminized… are you in 12/12?

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No, 18/6. Thank you for your help.