Help please,Stunned? Is This ok?

My white widow’s are 4 weeks old and I’m curious to see if I messed up my plants by cutting all the bottom fan leaves, was it too early to do it? Can I stunned the plants doing that? I really don’t know because sense I cut the when they turned 4weeks it seems like it hasn’t got taller or bushy can someone please help me.


Are those autos? If so, you shouldn’t be pruning them. It’s early to prune like that even on a photo plant.


Welcome to the forum. Are your pants autos or photos? Did you trim branches or just leaves? Mine are 5 weeks old received a big trim on Saturday and were flipped to 12/12 on Sunday. The have recovered and are stretching right now.


@MidwestGuy no there not auto’s, they are photo’s. After hours and hours of research on the web I got a bunch of different answers. So I thought I could cut off the fan leafs to let light hit the new stem system coming from the fan leaf stem. I’m new to this, these are my first marijuana plants. But sense I did this dose this mean my plant won’t grow bigger now? Are they no good anymore?

If they are photos then let them grow out and they should recover and be fine.

All the stems do is support the plant and shuttle water, nutrients, and hormones around. The stems will take care of themselves. The leaves need the light.


There’s no reason to purposely get light to the stem. Defoliation can help your grow when done and timed properly. But there’s no reason to be cutting on plants that small.

You have a photoperiod plant, which means they will likely recover and be fine. You will probably have to veg the plant longer now to replace what you took off and get back to growing well.

The light looks pretty dim in there. Not sure if you have turned off, weak lighting, or just camera playing tricks. But a well lit space would grow faster.

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