Help me diagnose this problem please

I always listen to the Mrs. Myself, keeps me out trouble. Hope that was it and your problems are gone. I’m new to indoor growing so ever problem or mistake over come is knowledge obtained. :+1:t3::+1:t3:

I would get some calibration solution and make sure that meters calibrated correctly


Thanks. I have a meter that uses 3 point calibration and just re-calibrated last night, it’s temperature compensated also.

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I have not seen any indication that the spotting on my leaves is spreading. I did a full watering last night and measured the runoff:
Beginning pH - 6.3
Beginning TDS - 120ppm
Runoff for plant #1 pH-6.75, tds-470
#2 pH-6.77, tds-497
#3 pH-6.6, tds-440

This is from a 1gal watering per plant in a 5gal cloth pot.

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@Nod how’s it going my friend, hope that issue worked out with the plants @garrigan62

she’s looking healthy and about to going into flowering thanks for the help my friend

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That is great news. She really looks good.

I’ll be watching…ok


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Leaf septoria but not bad so far. I had to let it progress to the point where I could eliminate mites then I removed and continue to remove affected leaves. The two affected are autos, but very bushy so I hope they are not stressed too much. Thanks for asking.

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Awesome my friend. Good luck with them.