Help me diagnose issue / wrinkled leaves? Norcal

Sorry I tried some searching but don’t even know how to describe the condition of the leaves. I think “wrinkled” is a good description and searching by that only thing I came up with is some type of virus. It’s happening to pretty much all leaves.

  1. what do you think is causing the issue?
  2. how should I correct it?

Amnesia Haze auto flower in FFOF soil (5 gal fabric pot) , started from seed (purchased from ILGM) inside my 4x4 tent under LED’s then hardened it off outside starting 1 hour in shade, next day 2 hours, etc. I believe the leaves started looking this way early on even in veg state.

I’m 59 days from sprout. PH runoff is 6.8 and PPM 1,130. Located in Northern CA so temps generally between 60f all way up to 90f (but I put plant in shade if reached 88f). RH right now is 18%.

Feeding FF nutes (big bloom & tiger bloom) at 1/2 recommended dose, about 1 gal of RO water ever other day, feeding every other watering.

Thanks in advance for any help people!

Am new to growing, wait for others. I think it’s a calcium issue, a previous issue, since it’s on old growth. Yellow leaves, dark spots, dried leaves. Calcium builds up cell walls, which helps protect it from heat issues, why you have the crinkle leaves. Again IMO, buds and plant overall look great.

Thanks Zee, I was feeding it Cal/mag when it was under the LEDs but stopped once it was outside.

Suppose it couldn’t hurt to start adding cal mag. I’ll see what others think.

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I’d take a closer look at the underside of the leaves with a magnifying tool. Looks similar to russet mite damage.

That looks nasty! How long ago did you place them in the sun?

I put it outside on 5/12 so about a month ago. I also have a northern lights outside and it’s doing great.

I did look under leaves with 60x loop and didn’t see anything moving. Thought I might have seen some small orange sap looking spots so was thinking broad mites but don’t think so.

Honestly it might be bad genetics. When I grew in my door from same seed packet I had it Hermie on me.

It looks like he plants will finish anyway.

Looks like something is munching on it with those holes through the leaves.

Genetics? I am doubting that is it. Are you doing
Cal-mag since you are using RO water?

I haven’t been adding cal mag but going to start now. Thought it was more for LED lights but forgot RO water means u should use it too.

Appreciate the help, only my second grow (1st OD) so still lots to learn.

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Problem with RO water has the minerals stripped out. Must use supplements