Help me choose my next strain!

Hey guy’s,
Planning my next grow got a few seeds to choose from.
Would love some input from you guys on what should grow next.
I have:

Jack Herer - Haze X Red Skunk
Critical Mass
Hindu Kush

If you’ve grown these before let me know!

Also open to buying more seeds if anyone has a strain to recommend trying! I love fruity strains.


Nothing better than a good Sour Diesel. I did a Godfather OG that had a great terpene profile. Grown Jack Herer and Critical Mass before. Critical Mass was good but not as flavorful.

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How about the Jack Herer? I got them as a gift.

Hindu Kush my vote, grew 4 last yr they where a good smoke for sleepy time.


Yup. I got hindu kush on script. Always puts me to sleep or the fridge first :joy:


JH is a good solid strain that I’ve done a couple of times. Not a very strong aroma though.

The best strain I’ve had in years with a good aroma was Brother’s Grimm Durban Thai/Cindy 99 cross.