Help! Just started Curing & Leaving For Vacation SOON!

Hey Folks,

As my topic subject states, I Have a little problem here. Both of my grows took much longer that expected. I only chopped down her buds just over a week ago, and transferred buds to mason jars only yesterday. I will be GONE FOR A WEEK, & I’m LEAVING for vacation TOMORROW…What options, if any do I have to ensure the curing process is not interrupted, or at least to ensure my buds won’t be damaged or molded???

Just brainstorming here:
Could I possibly poke 1 or 2 small (thumb tack or nail sized) holes on the lid of each mason jar? Allowing at least for a very small rate of air flow?

Could I put the buds in much larger jars, where the bud fills only about 15-20% of the jar? So there will atleast be more available air?

Any ideas or suggestions ASAP would be extremely appreciated!!!


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Brown paper bag and cool place still lets them breath some yet slows drying or find some boveda inserts



I think @Donaldj has a great suggestion for you
You want them to be able to breath a bit since you won’t be able to open jars to burp them o would go with paper bag this will allow them to breath a bit and release the harmful gases that are a by product of the curing process
Enjoy the vacation @MedMan1878


Boveda may affect taste that soon