HELP. Is this bud rot?

Have a question- is this bud rot? If it is, is any of it salvageable? Only the big bud running up the center has it. I have isolated this plant. There was 1 other one like this yesterday and we just tossed the whole thing. All other plants are fine.
The Plant

The Rot?


There doesn’t appear to be any mold on the plant anywhere. Thank you for any replies.


All affected material around the bud rot needs to be removed and strongly suggest a bud wash when you harvest. Peroxide will kill off the mold and spores. FYI all of your plants are infected if in the same space. Generally caused by too little air flow or too high RH or both. If it was outdoors I’d suspect caterpillars in your flower causing it.

Thank you. The air flow was good, it was RH, a couple of days last week, I couldn’t get it below 60%. There were definitely 2 plants that had it out of 10 harvested yesterday & today. So far all the other ones look fine. Can we still do and do we need the peroxide wash?

Thank you again.


I would suggest washing in peroxide if plant material is still limp. Fill a 5 gallon bucket, add a cup of 3%, soak for 6 minutes, rinse with the hose, drip dry and continue to dry as normal. You can not do this with dried flower.

Ok. Just want to be perfectly clear, all the hanging flower should get a peroxide wash? And should I toss the infected part of the plant & peroxide was the rest of the buds or should I toss the entire plant?

Thank you


Anything that looks like bud rot discard back to fresh material. Anything you are keeping is still saturated with mold spores. Wash in 3% peroxide and water, rinse and dry. If plant material is dry to the point of crunchy it’s too late.