Help info removing ripe buds wet trim

I have 3 WWA they grew very tall and the top buds are ripe and I want to remove them. this is 1st grow and need a little steps on how to cut, trim and dry especially.
I have looked at other post but they did not answer the q. please and ty

There are lots of great posts regarding harvesting in stages, as well as posts about various trim techniques. What specific info are you looking for?

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Read through this. Pretty much runs you through every phase. Scroll down to “Harvest & Manicure” and read from there.

Best of luck.


Ah, this was the one I was looking for!

Enjoy the reading!


First grow so learning! There is so many different ways to do it I’m terrified so I come to where everyone is so helpful! After I get technique of something I completely understand and good! I’ll read the post below and hopefully that will help!

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ty reading now!!


Always checj the GROwfaqs section if you have an issue or want to l;earn basic techniques.

glad you got help. Noth topics are good.

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