Help identify the strain

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

Here is a photo of one that I can’t identify as I got my tags messed up.
I bought blue dream, jack Herrera, Afghan, super silver haze and Durban poison. I have 5 that are purple like this. About one month into flowering. Thanks in advance. IMG_0648

I’m guessing blue dream. If we win do we get bag of the prize :rofl:


:))))))) I bet its blue dream tooo! Can we share?:))))))


Of course.


Sharing is caring eh :wink:


I would have to agree with @Familyman, Looks like Blue Dream, as DP’s Purples come in later in the flower period. Also the bud structure is very different!

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Thanks everyone. Anyone close to sw Colorado, I would be happy to share. Could it possibly be purple haze. My other blue dream is not this purple

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It is not
blue dream as I have several blue dream that are not dark purple. Could it be purple haze?