Help help should i do a emergency harvest should i revive!

Strain gorilla glue ice cream cake and platinum og
Mother earth coco perlite
2 -5 gallon pots
3 solo cups
5.8 ph

I went on vacation for 5 days before i went i fed them on double the amount I usually would with double the water Thursday , they didnt eat since then i came home they looked like this the soil dry on Tuesday and fed straight water should i do a emergency harvest on the big one? Can I revive the small one? Wat should i do im panicking !! this is my first grow btw


Give it some water, if it’s not dead it should perk back up in a couple hours. If it doesn’t, at least it looks like you were pretty close to the finish line, bet it will still be good smoke.

If you wanted to be able to leave it for 5 days, that solo cup was never going to get you there. A larger pot would have though.


It didnt I’ll probably just harvest , wat about the 5 gallon pots should i just do a emergency harvest ?

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PH water only should be fine . Beautiful plant


It’s just the one in the solo cup that at all at risk.

I see no emergency at all. I’d stick with the plan and check trikes etc. They’ll survive until you decide to harvest.


Water them feed them and they will be right there hardy plants

Why are they still in solo cups at this stage? The big lady looks good :love_you_gesture: