Help! Grow-Room-Build #2

Hello Ilgm long time lurker first time poster and first off thanks for all the great information the community has offed .The time has come for me to start planning my second room. ( yay tax season )
Its in bare sheet rock and a ceiling fan.

    1. Measurements are as follows
  • 20’L x 15’W x 7.5’H ( Pictures Coming Soon )
  • Starting budget around 4k usd

My first room uses MH / HPS so for this room id like to go LED.
Any recommendations? DIY is not out the door for me Im pretty handy with things.
I have been following lets-talk-diy-lights thread for some time and believe i would like to go with Qb setup specifically from
Meijiu more then likely

Id also like them to be adjustable so i dont have to raise and lower plants … a knob/switch is lazier

Now beyond that thought im lost for a parts list.Help!
Any other thoughts/recommendations of things needed would be appreciated !

Im sorry for anyone who may follow this thread as it will start out slow and grow as i grow.


If you’re ordering from Meijiu they send everything you need right? You would just need to build frames?

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They will ship boards and drivers separate too. I had already been in contact with them a bit.

I was kinda thinking i could order my parts thur them and maybe build a bigger single plug unit light…
I was thinking along the lines of a 220 / 240v setup hardwired into a timer if possible with the light being adjustable hung on heavy duty perforated aluminum or steel frame in fixed position


That’s fine. What are you picturing for board layout and fixture size?

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