HELP....fuzzy seedlings

My seedlings have fuzzy stems!! I think I may have over watered them… is there any hope to be had?? :pensive:

They’re both autos in coco with plain water. One is white widow and the other is psycho

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:thinking: I never see this before… Let’s ask @Donaldj @Hogmaster @garrigan62 @Countryboyjvd1971

Certainly looks like root hairs to me?

don’t let picture confuse you just an example of how they look


Wow @Donaldj I think you called it there. Impressive!

@Donaldj, I learned something! Thanks

Thx @Donaldj
@Flyr just be sure when you give a advice next time. Please!

Yep. I even did some research from other posts. Look up fuzzy roots.


So in this case will be fine to put a small amount of soil around that baby @Donaldj?

@Donaldj But, after looking back, the other posts DIDN’T show pictures. Not near as good as this one. That’s natural. Someones idea of fuzzy may be totally different.

Had you covered

a little rude @M4ur all advise is educated guesses we can’t always get it right


So it’s not a defect I caused?! Whew!! I will add a bit of soil (coco)

Thanks everyone!! :v::green_heart:

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keep tops moist see if you can’t gently remove shell if they look fairly stuck on

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Maybe yes @Donaldj, but in this case I will not get that personally, it was just a advice. I personally don’t give a advice if I don’t know anything about it.
Sorry if this was rude @Flyr :+1:


@GreenThunder, Sorry dude… or dudette. I screwed up.


I’ll do that but first a break to ensure a steady hand :wink:
Thanks again for your help. That bit from Wikipedia puts my mind at ease.

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All good usually that part of the roots are hidden underground if planted too close to surface rather than root pushing down it pushes everything up. The process usually results in shell coming off as root pushes down and stem up :wink:


No worries :wink: I’m generally open to any ideas and suggestions and will pick and choose what makes sense to me… and I always research before taking action. :green_heart:

Dudette :wink:


don’t take offence I deleted your suggestion didn’t want to confuse anyone and my example picture is actually a radish :wink:


Was that the hydrogen peroxide suggestion? I saw that earlier and actually had that same thought… but would have asked for advice before doing that. Well, I did ask :smile:

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