Help first time grow, need advice what am i doi g wrong. First 3 are autos northern lights and ww. Others are photo cherry garcias

The first 2 are auto flowers

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Two suggestions:

More light and less water.

A seedling won’t do well in wet soil and overly wet soil is the leading cause of seedling loss. A seedling only needs a few ml of water each day.

Your seedlings are stretching upward looking for more light. What do you have planned for lighting?

Welcome to the forum.

You should find this helpful. Master the basics for a great grow.


Yeah. What he said. :arrow_up:


I would cover the stem with soil up to just below leaves and as Midwest says up the light. Welcome aboard.

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Welcome to the community. Your getting great advice good luck with your grow

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Thank s for the advice eveerybody as far as lighting i really wanted to do the autos indoor but financially i just cant right now so i was hoping i could make it happen outdoors , are tgmhey mature enough now to bein a permanent spot in direct sunlight all day?.