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A question from a fellow grower:

I have the whole high yielding set from your website . The seeds included were big bud. I was wondering if you could help me with a setup. I planned on doing a grow tent with the Scrog method. Also 400hps MH/HPS lights. I wanted to grow 4 plants at a time. I have around 1000-1200 i can use for materials. any info you can provide me with would be great . thank you

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my advice, if your using a tent with hps, do it in a basement. If you have to do it on an upper floor and cant cut holes to get the hot air out of the room, then set the room up not a tent as hps heat up soo much man. Good luck to you boyo. Check out my grow journal if your interested in seeding my set up, 1.2 x 2.4 x 2m tent

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I think with that budget you can set your self up nicely
I don’t use hps or Mh lights but will make a suggestion on them get vented hoods for them if your growing in a tent as @McLovin777 said they will produce a bit of heat
As far as tents go I believe 4x4x7 foot would be great for 4 plants under a scrog screen I have two that size one under screen one no screen
Amazon has good deals on tents as well as Walmart
Good luck and happy growing
Also don’t forget the little things tds meter ph meter ph up and down etc
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Id agree with that but advise ebay soo many times over man, so much cheaper! get a bog standard tent 600D fabric, plastic corners worried me a little, but they are strong, and once its all together you realise theirs no chance of it falling to bits I assure you.
Honestly I spent about the same as you will Claire, if I could give myself advice before buying everything and setting up it would be

LOCATION, cold basement or something on a low level
think heat… heat heat… as long as you can vent your hot air out the tent and out the room you will be fine :slight_smile:
Go digital on the ballast a million percent, cool tube or vented hood like countryboy says and you will be happy as larry.

Also, would certainly advise going hydro DWC, those roots… just couldn’t be happier.

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I started 3 plants in a 3x3 tent under a 600 watt hid w/vented hood. in a took a little experimenting to get the heat and humidity balanced out. then the plants exploded… fortunately one was a male and now im down to 2. im day 61 into the grow and they have pushed out the sides of the tent and I ran out of height. my fan leaves were blocking out the buds. I had to setup a room just to hold these monsters. my recommendation (not gospel, as im also a noob)…If you have to grow in a tent, get the biggest you can. and consider that you may get more yield and better bud from 3 plants that grow with room than 6 plants stuffed together fighting for light and room. I now have 8 plants in 2 different parts of the house and really wish I wouldve only done 4 to start. Best of Luck!