Help cheap carbon filter that works

I M.going go to gave to do this whole grow in please send me amazon links for carbon filters that work. Only if u know.they work.pleSe. I need get by cheap but still very effective please let me know.what you guys have bought that works for you

This carbon filter has worked very well for me, but I do replace them every year.

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I’ve bought the vivosun and iPower ones. I think they all do about the same thing anyways just don’t buy the ac infinity brand unless you like spending extra money

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I would take hellraiser advice on this one, I have that one and my grow is in my house, I had a house full for thanksgiving dinner, had plants in flower downstairs and no one knew, so it worked for me

I use vivosun four inch carbon filter

Me too and it hasn’t failed yet after 2 years @Tezza2

Mine was less than 45$ and works just fine. Amazon all the way for that stuff