Healthcheck for Hawaiian Snow Babies

Sprouted 5/16 had a mishap a few days ago with a fan falling on them which caused the lower leaves to touch the soil. Should I cut those off? Also supersoil is 2 weeks into cooking and I think I need to transplant these soon. Should I wait another two weeks and then transplant them into their final 10 gal fabric pots?
Happy Growing :v:t4:

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I would leave them for now. The plant will consume those leaves. :+1:

@MrPeat What about transplanting? I’m trying to wait for my soil to finish.

You could transplant. I don’t like doing it as uou run the risk killing it.

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Welcome to the community ! I understand the timing is off on your Super Soil being ready to use. But your plants needs to be potted up to a bigger pots. You could always buy a couple bags of organic cannabis friendly potting soil an put them in 3 or 5 gallon for a while and then go to your 10 gallon with your Super Soil. Just my thoughts good luck.

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@MrPeat I’m sure 2 more weeks in a Solo won’t make it root bound.

I was thinking that too but I want to wait a couple more weeks. And can anyone tell me whats up with the middle one. The leaves don’t look serrated.

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That would be a big mistake underestimating how the roots grow. :crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face:

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Right I don’t wanna kill them. Believe me I have no issue leaving them in Solos. Also am I supposed to be running with this temp/RH. Trying to take a humidifier out if I can as I’m running with 2.

Definitely want them a little cooler…like 75 degrees. Uou want higher humidity so that should be good.

How can I achieve that. This is pretty much the overall temp theyre always at. I don’t want to run an AC unit as that seems unnnecessary and expensive and also this is a rent house. Short fix is I could mount the light drivers outside tent just havent gotten around to buying wire and wagos.

Mounting the drivers on the outside will help.

@MrPeat. Here is the night time Temp/RH

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@croberts1290 That is way better. I try to keep my temps around 75 but with the house central air down, its been running way hotter. :+1::+1::+1:

This only happens when lights are off itll jump to 86. I need to research how to extend my drivers on the SF4000. I have some solid 14 awg.

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I run my window ac about 10 mins longer after the lights shut off. :+1:

If not already run your lights on at night. off of the day.

Can i see pics of your setup including ac unit?


This is a old crop. The HLG lights up top. A small Walmart fan blows across the top of the light. Both drivers on the outside of the tent. Door wide open. The Window AC blows straight in the tent. One fan up top to help suck out hot air.

Bottom photo was a 7’6” x 8’ wide plant. Main cola was the size of a volleyball.

This photo show cases I do not grow with tent door closed and the door to the room stays open.

I also grow 12/12 start to finish. :+1:

This is placed at the top of the tent ( I know not ideal) but compared to the AC Infinity probe (placed near canopy) which shows 86 temp 74 rh should I average the two together?

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